SPAM Lacrosse coming back for the summer and fall

by Jordan Garis

June 6

We are still waiting on Park and Rec to open up for field reservations.  The last notification we received is that they expect to open for phase 3 in July, but don't have any specific dates yet.  We usually take a break for the summer, but this year we are going to start playing as soon as they open fields and go right through to the fall.  Anyone who was registered for the Spring will play for free during the summer, and hopefully it will even out to the same number of weeks.  The fields get really hot in the summer, so we may adjust the times to early morning or evenings.  And then we will figure what the fall season looks like based on that schedule.  

If anyone has access to any open fields in the meantime, please let me know and maybe we can schedule something earlier.

I will keep this site and our Facebook page posted with updates.